4DRC V4 Drone

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Our 4DRC V4 foldable 6-axis quadcopter with FPV 1080P HD camera is the ultimate recreational UAV, jampacked with features to maximize your drone game. This drone is perfect for filming action shots, taking selfies, and spying on your neighbors.
Product Features:
- Auto-Hover. An optical flow sensor allows the drone to lock in its altitude and position, preventing it from drifting while taking selfies and stationary shots.
- 3D Flip: Press the 3D Flip button and move the right control stick to perform a 360° aerial flip when the drone is at least 6.5ft off the ground.
- One-key takeoff and landing: A single button click is all it takes for the drone to automatically return to the location of its remote.
- Headless Mode: Intelligent, safe, auto-pilot mode for beginners and those interested in simply watching the drone follow its wildest dreams.
- Gravity Mode: Automatic drone positioning correction, perfect for windy and high-frequency interference conditions.
- 3D View Mode: Place your phone controller in a supported VR headset (not included) to view an amazingly crisp, real-time video feed from your drone's perspective.
Gesture Control: Take photos or videos by raising your palm and making a "V" gesture
- Triple Flight Time: Our drone includes 3 modular batteries that are safe and easy to replace. The drone will send out a low-power alarm when it's time to switch up the battery.
- Light and Foldable: Only 4.9″ × 3.0″ × 2.0″ when folded and only 4.37 oz, this drone is one of the lightest and most convenient on the market.
- Flight Course Plotting
- 3 Speed Modes
- Simultaneous Audio and Video Recording
Product Specifications:
Control Distance: 90m
Maximum Flight Relative Height: 30m
Drone Battery: 3 × 3.7V 2000mAH (Rechargable)
Charge Time: ~90 minutes
Flight Time (Per Battery): 16-18 minutes
Video Resolution: 1080P
Weight: 4.37oz
Dimensions (Unfolded): 10.8″ × 9.8″ × 2.0″
Dimensions (Folded): 4.9″ × 3.0″ × 2.0″
Product Includes:
1 × 4D-V4 Drone
1 × Transmitter
× 2000mAh Drone Battery
× USB Charging Cable
× Spare Propellers
× Manual
× Handbag