CloudSound Audio Workstation

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Become the next big SoundCloud Rapper with our CloudSound audio recording system and digital music workstation. Guaranteed to revolutionize your production with a metal shock mount, audio cable, metal bracket, USB sound card, and everything else you need to start making beats online. It automatically handles various input signals by providing ultra-quiet operation and a wide range of functions. High-quality microphone with frictionless SB sound adapter converts analog sound to digital with no problem.

Product Specifications:
Microphone Type: Capacitive Microphone
Support Type: 35 Type Metal Stand
Shockproof Frame Material: Metal Shockproof Frame
Audio Cable Length: 2.5m
Sound Card Type: USB Sound Card
Anti-Sprinkler Head: Sponge Ball
Dimensions: 16.93L x 8.27W x 3.35″H
Product Weight: 3.75 lbs
Conventional Packing: Neutral Leather Box with Foam

Product Includes:
1 × BM800 Condenser Microphone
1 × 35 Metal Stand
1 × Metal Shock Mount
1 × 3.5 Audio Cable
1 × Anti-sprinkler
1 × Corpus Cavernosum
1 × USB Sound Card

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