Industrial Portable Freezer

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DC compressor cooling portable freezer. Perfect for road trips, camping, tailgating, or refrigerating on the go. Very low power consumption, equivalent to a GPS, and an incredibly low operating noise of 45 decibels, only one more decibel than the average library.

Features 3 cooling modes: MAX Quick Cooling allows this car freezer to achieve 30 minutes of rapid cooling from 80°F to 0°F. ECO saves energy and provides longer-lasting cooling. Balanced mode achieves the perfect hybrid between MAX and ECO.

Product Specifications:
- Model No: FTA 30L
- Temperature Range: 50ºF-64ºF 
- Voltage: DC 12/24V
- Power Consumption: 45W
- Keep the temperature below zero for more than one day
- Brand: Auto Channel
- MPN: D0102HHC5FY