Portable Camping Hammock

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Portable XL camping hammock with net and storage bag. Perfect for your next camping trip or any other outdoor adventure!

Installation Notes:
1. Find two stable trees or columns
2. Connect the rope to the tree or column
3. Pass the nylon rope through the hole on the top of the mosquito net and then tie the nylon rope to the branch or column
4. It is recommended that the distance between the rope and the ground exceeds 5 feet
5. Connect the hammock with the rope
6. Make sure the height of the hammock from the ground is 12-18″

Package Includes:
1 × Hammock
2 × Nylon rope
2 × Tree belt
2 × Carabiner
1 × Bag

Product Specifications:
Dimension: 122 × 55.1″
Material: 210T parachute nylon material
Item weight: 1.4 lbs
Brand: InQ Boutique

Note: Do not exceed the maximum load of this hammock of 440 pounds. Please choose a safe place to install the hammock (e.g. two strong trees). Avoid scratching the hammock with sharp objects as sharp objects can easily tear the fabric and cause it to tear.