Smart Disinfecting Mister

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Keep your house clean and fresh with the smart induction disinfecting mister. Using infrared sensing, this mister automatically disinfects your hands when placed over the sprayer. Automatic, safe, and contact-free!

The mister delivers optimized short-bursts to save energy while guaranteeing disinfection. Intelligent induction allows our mister to detect hand proximity within 0.25 seconds. Safe and leak-proof with a waterproof, inner-tube design. Intelligent chip control allows for low power consumption while still delivering fast sensor response; one charge lasts an entire week! To turn off the mister, use the touch-sensitive power button with a blue light indicator.

Product Specifications:
Voltage: 5V
Current: 500mA
Size: 3.13″D × 2.48″W × 3.94″H
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Sensor Distance: 3.15-4.72
Liquid Capacity: 1.52 fl oz
Weight: 4.23 oz
Material: PC+ABS