Stainless Steel Propane Grill

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Paulida stainless steel gas BBQ grill with ETL certification for outdoor cooking, BBQs, and backyard parties. Upgrade your traditional electric oven and charcoal oven with a gas grill designed to deliver a convenient, true flame barbecue that is cleaner, faster, and more environmentally friendly than any other grill.

1500°F temperatures make it incredibly easier to quickly sear meat exteriors and lock in the juices. Light, portable, and simple to operate and clean.

Portable propane (LPG) tank can be connected with a copper converter.

Product Specifications:
Brand: Jaliver
Material: Stainless Steel
Certification: ITS, ETL
Input Rate (Main): 9600 BTU/HR
Size: 10.23″ × 14.76 × 11.8″
Warranty: 1 Year (Provided by supplier)