Sweetrich M1 Mobility Scooter

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Watch out speed demons! Reach Mach 5 with our sweet Sweetrich M1 Mobility Scooter with rear-wheel drive. High performance, insanely comfortable with a smooth rear suspension system that reduces its operator's body stress. Features an intelligent electromagnetic brake, a flip armrest swivel chair, a removable basket, an anti-dumping wheel, and a simple control panel that only requires its operator's fingertips or thumb.

Product Specifications:
Maximum Speed: 5 mph
Weight: 265 lbs
Maximum Driving Slope: 10°
Driving Distance: 9-16 miles
Charging Time: 6h
Rear suspension with front LED light and rear brake light
Dimensions 43.7″L  × 20.5″W  × 36.2″H
Tire Size: 9″ × 3