The Noodler

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The Noodler pasta maker is the ultimate handheld, homemade noodle machine with 5 thickness settings for fresh spaghetti, lasagna, and more! 

Pasta-Making Instructions:
- Knead the dough with water to soften (optionally add cooking oil to further increase softness).
- Loosen the lid of The Noodler and place the dough, vegetables, or cut fruit into the drum. Tighten the handle and the noodles or juice will naturally come out.
- After use, disassemble and rinse with water. For best performance over time, clean and grease the rocker arm to prevent rust.

Best Practices:
- Make sure to follow the correct water-to-flour-ratios when preparing your dough to prevent sticking and maximize noodling.
- Wash with water and light detergent to keep The Noodler as good as new.

Product Specifications:  
- Width of Plane Strip: 0.2”
- Diameter of Round Surface: 0.04 / 0.08 / 0.12
- Noodler Height: 7.09
- Drum Height: 5.51
- Diameter: 2.36
- Inner Hole: 1.97
- Materials: Stainless steel with cast iron stilt board
1 × Noodle Press
5 × Noodle Molds