TigerKing Digital Safe Box

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Don't let Carole Baskin steal your goods! Keep your valuables safe in the TigerKing BGX-5/D1-65YZ digital security safe box. Advanced welding technology optimized after years of R&D has perfected a rugged, reliable, and long-lasting construction built with multiple layers of pry-resistant solid steel. The safe body is made from a single piece of steel plate with almost no gap between the door and the frame (less than 0.04″). Equipped with 3-sided-total 5 live-locking bolts, this safe offers advanced physical protection from forced entry.

Say goodbye to traditional safes made solely for storage; TigerKing develops vaults with extreme attention to anti-theft functionality that meshes perfectly with its surrounding decor. TigerKing's cabinets are elegantly designed to match your home and office while keeping your goods safe.
This large safe is equipped with a removable shelf and features an additional interior box with its own lock, perfect for documents, laptops, cash, jewelry, passports, and medicine. Its Dual Warning Alarm System is triggered by either violent vibration or three incorrect entries. Entering the correct code will deactivate the alarm.

The TigerKing safe also features a smart control panel that can maintain a record of 35 openings and allows you to program your own code with 1-8 digits. Dialing “*” before entering your code will activate the secure display feature (hiding your code from the screen).