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Channel your inner passion pit and take a walk (or a run) with the Xiaomi Mijia A1 Smart Folding Treadmill. Perfect for getting in your cardio whether you're at home or at the office.

Product Features:
- Patented automatic, foot-sensing speed control technology. You can freely adjust the speed of the machine with a simple change of position, and you will easily recognize speed adjustments when following an automated program.
- Hidden LED display comes alive and reveals step count, distance, exercise time, speed, and calorie consumption once the exercise begins.
- Incredibly durable and lightweight aluminum alloy frame. It features a rugged high-density fiberboard layer, an EVA cushioning layer, a low-friction smooth layer, and a wear-resistant anti-slip walking layer; these combine to provide a comfortable and sturdy experience even after hours of use.
- Patented slim, folding design lets you easily take your cardio with you. The area after folding is less than half a square meter with a storage thickness of only 5.08!
- Two available modes: Manual (M) uses the provided remote control to start, accelerate, decelerate, stop, and switch modes Automatic (A) lets the user perform the same functionality by changing their position on the pad. 
- Link with the Mijia App to record your exercises and optimize your progression.

Product Includes:
1 × Xiaomi Mijia Walking Pad
1 × Charging Cable
1 × Remote Control
1 × Hanging Rope
1 × Wrench
1 × Silicone Oil

Product Specifications:
Brand: Xiaomi Mijia
Item: Xiaomi Mijia Walking Pad
Rated Voltage: 220V~50Hz
Rated Power: 746W
Modes: Manual (M), Automatic (A)
Minimum Speed: 0.31 mph
Maximum Speed: 3.73 mph
Effective Walking Area: 47.24″L × 16.34″W
Walking Platform Height: 2.24
Maximum Bearing Weight: 198.42 lbs
Net Weight: 61.73 lbs
Gross Weight: 68.34 lbs
Unfolded size: 56.38″L × 21.54″W × 5.08″H
Folded size: 32.36″W × 21.54″W × 5.08″H
Recommended User Age: 12-60 years

Note: This item requires standard voltage 220V. If your local electrical power is not 220V, you must use the voltage adapter when charging or it will damage the item.